New York City Health Care Policy


This project is for the Fall 2009 section of my GIS for Health & Planning course.  GIS is a tool that allows us to make significantly more persuasive arguments on account of its very nature as a visual display. I used New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Community Health Survey- a phone survey that takes a representative sample of the city’s 34 “neighborhoods-” the administrative districts of the DOHMH.   As with any sampling, this data set has limitations due to biases, but the city has done its best to limit reduce these.  

This datum, in combination with census data and geocoding, has given me a solid basis to look for economic and geographic maldistribution of health care that occurs in New York City.  My final project will be to create maps that allow me to propose policy-level research that can be made in the future to produce better health outcomes in New York City’s health care delivery system.  I also hope that this analysis will help others gain insight about the ongoing debate regarding national health care reform.

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